What is it like inside aomame.space for our online visitors?


​Aomame.space is like a first-person perspective video game. Visitors to the online space will be able to move around and explore all the levels within the space, and find artworks installed within different cells. We have worked with artists, galleries and curators to create a true mix of artwork and experiences. The full list is available here. (linked out to artists, partners, galleries, curators page)


​What tech is needed for you to engage with aomame.space as the audience?


We want the experience of visiting an event on aomame.space to be as interesting, fun and easy to access as possible.

There will be no app to download; there will be no expectation to know how to use a computer game. A few clicks and you will be in. All you’ll need is a computer or laptop and internet access; headphones are a bonus.

We will be using computers in the cloud to do the necessary heavy processing associated with each user experience. Each user logging into aomame.space experience will be able to take part even if they are running an old mac/pc as long as they have a reasonable 4G/WIFI 25Mbps internet connection.


Why are we setting up aomame.space?


  • To make the cyber-space art experience a little less predictable and a lot more fun.
  • To provide a sustainable virtual alternative to physical art fairs and/ or biennials.
  • To extend the digital reach of our partner/clients through engaging virtual events.
  • To make creating and accessing an art event logistically, geographically and financially accessible to a broader audience base within the art world.
  • To make experiencing art in the virtual a more holistic experience.